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Minigames - イベント・サブゲーム

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Ocarina of Time Staff Interview 1-3: Looks Like This Zelda Has Minigames
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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time news, direct from the production area! The Zelda team chosen by Shigeru Miyamoto created Zelda 64 with surprising stubbornness!
One part of that stubbornness was to do a stubborn interview.
We'll pass on a small part of that interview from the top of 1101's nearby tree.

Looks Like This Zelda has Minigames

What are your memories of the scarecrows Pierre and Bonooru?

With them, the twelve songs increased to thirteen. *laughs*
The thirteenth song is the Scarecrow's. There are two scarecrows called Pierre and Bonooru, one with a good memory, the other not so much. *laugh*
If you play the ocarina in front of Pierre, he will remember your melody for you. Bonooru has a worse memory, so he'll mostly forget it, but both play an important role. They stand in the farmer's field on the left-hand shore of Lake Hylia. Pierre the clever wandering scarecrow, Bonooru the idiot.

When Link becomes an adult, Pierre is off wandering and only Bonooru watches the field. However, even with the forgetful Bonooru present, do your best to remember the old memory you taught him and he will call Pierre.

Eiji Onozuka (Dungeon Design):
You can meet the scarecrow at various times throughout the game. Each time the way to find him will change, but he appears in the child dungeons at the beginning as well as the adult. If you play the Scarecrow's Song in various places, a variety of interesting things will happen. Think of it as a secret...

Actually, if you look hard enough, Navi will flutter above the spot where the scarecrow appears. She'll stop to say "He's here!". If there is also an enemy nearby, Navi will soon fly over to him, so if you don't take care you will overlook it! Therefore try to defeat all the enemies in a room and then watch Navi carefully.

The minigame pictures look a little suspicious...

Yoshiaki Koizumi (3D System Design):
In this game when the player begins a subquest, there are many things to consider. If you're sucked into one, think "Huh? Now what do I do?" and lose sight of the story, you can listen to Navi. She will tell you what's important at that point in time.

This Zelda is really deep, so it's boring to only play through once. From the second time on, there will still be different things to enjoy.

For example, "how many grottoes can I open?" or "how far can I go on my horse?" or "what will happen if I play my ocarina everywhere?" etc. There are lots of little tricks like that, so it takes a little more time to fully enjoy the game.

Usually with subquests the secret things look suspicious. If there's something that's a little different from everything else, you should examine it. As for the more difficult secrets, there will be nothing to see but Navi will bring you to the location, so you have to closely follow Navi's movements. Of course, even Navi won't show you the most difficult secrets. If you clear those, you'll be a Zelda Master.

There aren't any chickens!

Toru Osawa (Script Director):
Yes, the chickens are there. If you see them around you can decide whether to fight them. When we were deciding whether to put in the chickens again or not, everyone said "shouldn't we just leave them out?". The chickens in Zelda naturally counterattack. I didn't know, but the staff did it their own way. Is it okay to attack the chickens...? I think you'll be defeated! *laughs*

So, what happens if you find the Stone of Agony?

Takashi Onozuka:
There is a Stone of Agony, but it's shaped like the rumble pack. Nothing will happen when you get it, but you may find it start to shake from time to time. The rumbling will become stronger as you get warmer, and once you find the right place and do something, something interesting will happen.

Takushi Tezuka (Supervisor):
By the way, in the English version the "Modae no Ishi" is called the "Stone of Agony."

Special Project A Public Presentation From the Fish-Loving Folks at 1101!! • Fishing Minigame Background: An abundance of minigames, separate from the storyline, was created for Ocarina of Time. One of them is the Fishing Pond found in Lake Hylia. Even for fishing, the pond is very natural. The graphics and controls make it engrossing.
If you have the rumble pack equipped, the controller will vibrate in accordance with the situation, making the act of reeling in feel more realistic. Because the size of the fish is different, the response is also different. It almost feels like real fishing!

In the fishing pond, there are some hidden elements you can only encounter by playing regularly. These are the sinking lure and the Hylian Loach.

The appearance rate of these secrets will now be made clear.

• How to Get the Sinking Lure

As a child, if you can catch a fish over 50 centimeters, the owner of the Fishing Pond will give you a piece of heart. If you catch a fish larger than 60 centimeters as an adult, you will receive the Golden Scale. The Sinking Lure can be found randomly in one of four places. The clump of bushes, on top of the driftwood, near the rocks, and around the waterfall.

(Child Era: 26-55 cm
Adult Era: 35-75 cm)

1 out of 4 times (when you enter the Fishing Pond by the door), the Hylian Loach (60-99 cm) will appear. Because the Hylian Loach swims in the deepest part of the water, it is difficult to catch without the sinking lure.

• Hit Rate

Evening: 1.75
Early Morning: 1.5
Muddy Day (day after rain): 1.5
Rainy Day (1 time out of 8): 3.0

This is previously unknown information from our secret base, so feel free to brag about how smart you are!

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