Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Promised Land on Piano - ピアノで約束の地

Another piano video, and a bonus glitch from Zelda: Majora's Mask (the only one I've ever discovered!) as an apology for the lack of substantial updates. This is The Promised Land from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Sorry about the sound quality, I don't have a very good microphone on my laptop.

The sheet music is here.
Lyrics are here (along with translation footnotes), the hard work of Robert Seddon.

It was initially transcribed for choir by AdamPianoGuy, but I took his piece and condensed the four parts into a piano-friendly version. I believe it's more true to the original song than the official sheet music.

How to trip Kafei in Majora's Mask:

1. On the morning of the 1st day, leave the Clock Tower.

2. Put on the Deku Mask and lead the dog (who is trying to attack you) over to the steps up to the Laundry Pool exit, which Kafei is coming down to check his mail.

3. Position yourself so that Kafei is between the dog and you.

4. The dog will leap to attack the Deku scrub but knock down Kafei in the process, landing him flat on his face.

Oddly, Kafei's prone form will still be moving towards the mailbox. This is because the game says he must still reach the postbox at a set time.




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