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Chrono Cross Character Page - 『クロノ・クロス』キャラクタページ


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A page depicting some Chrono Cross character artwork with small captions about the design of each character.

Translation: GlitterBerri
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Translated Character Page

カーシュ Karsh
豪胆な騎士よりも、煩奇者と言ったほうが的を射ていそうな…。 Though Karsh is a brave knight, saying he is troubled and strange would be closer to the point...
甲冑を身に着けた図。あまりにも騎士すぎるのがゲームの雰囲気に合わないと判断され、没になったのだろうか? Karsh with armour. It was judged that he looked like too much of a knight and didn't fit with the game's atmosphere. Perhaps the armour was rejected?
その性格が災いして誤解されてはいるが、カーシュは「クロノ・クロス」でも有数の美形キャラクターなのだ。 Though he is ruined and misunderstood, Karsh is also a leading character in Chrono Cross.
ダリオ Dario
ゲーム中ではほとんどわからないが、実はかなり身長の高いダリオ。これはガライの血によるものなのか? It's hard to tell in-game, but Dario is actually quite tall. Is this due to his Garai blood?
ダリオの甲冑の肩当てが大きいのは、カーシュとの差別化のためのようだ。 The epaulets on Dario's armor are big, differentiating him from Karsh.
四天王のリーダーで体の大きい人と言うイメージが先行しすぎたのだろうか、だいぶ親父臭いダリオ。 With the leader of the Acacia Dragoons, projecting the image of a large figure might have been too much of a priority for us. Dario's a father figure.
騎士と言うより、サムライに近い?細身の刀を使うダリオも、なかなかサムになりそうではあるが。 He looks more like a samurai than a knight...? With his slender sword, Dario has an uncanny resemblance to a samurai.
グレン Glenn
まんま少年騎士と言った風貌のグレン。髪型もいわゆる「熱血ヒーロー」していて、ゲームの主人公と言ってもおかしくないくらいだ。 Grenn's appearance is that of a boy knight. His hairstyle is also the so-called "zealous hero." It wouldn't even be strange to call him the game's protagonist.


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