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BS Zelda - AST: Week 2 Part 1 - BSゼルダ「古の石盤」第2話その1


Translation: GlitterBerri
Transcription: Gekkahiro
Publish Date: July. 9th, 2008

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Video Description:
Week 2 Part 1 of the BS Zelda - Ancient Stone Tablets Satellaview broadcast.


Female Announcer:
Transmission of BS Zelda - Ancient Stone Tablets: Chapter 2 will begin immediately.



Female Announcer:
This program is being broadcast nationwide by satellite.
We hope you'll enjoy the high-quality BS sound.
This game runs on “Zelda time”,
so you will be unable to save using the memory pack.
With that, we welcome you to the wonderful world of Zelda!



The legendary kingdom of Hyrule.
6 years ago, in this once peaceful country,
the Prince of Thieves Ganondorf took the Triforce,
became the demon king Ganon, and was attempting to conquer the land.
The priest Agahnim, possessed by Ganon,
tried to sacrifice the descendants of the seven sages one by one
in order to break the seal.
Zelda, princess of Hyrule, was also a descendant,
and was therefore imprisoned by Agahnim in the dungeons of Hyrule Castle.
However, Zelda called frantically from her cell.



Please, help! My name is Zelda.
I am held captive in the castle dungeons!



Link, a boy of Hyrule, heard her cries.
He began a quest to save the princess and defeat Ganon.
Numerous dangers lay in wait,
but Link, mustering his courage, wisdom, and power,
was at last able to defeat Ganon.
He then departed to search for new adventure.
The people of Hyrule, extolling the tales of his deeds, came to revere the hero Link.
An era of peace descended upon Hyrule.



What is that strange light in the east?



Zelda followed the mysterious brilliance.
This man is Agihna, the younger brother of Sahasrahla, sage of Hyrule.



Hrrumph... I just wake up earlier and earlier as I grow older...
Hrr... Oh! Who could this be?!

Agihna! What happened?

Princess Zelda, this here young'un, dressed something unusual...

Aa! N-not dead, I hope...?



That day, a mysterious youth fell from the heavens.



This is a disaster!

Aren't you the soldier who was at the eastern temple?
What's wrong?
You are hurt!
Are you alright?

A horde of monsters came at us from nowhere!
The defending soldiers were killed to a man.
It looks like they haven't appeared here yet, but...
*grunts in pain*

Oi! Hold on to your strength!


All of a sudden, monsters appeared!


The youth began a Hyrulian adventure, seeking a sword and shield.
Not a single person could decipher the strange characters on the stone tablets the youth found hidden in the land's dungeons.
Seeking some clue, the youth and Agihna travelled to the home of Sahashrala, sage of Hyrule.


Young one! Awaken!
While you slumbered, I enquired into these stone tablets.
However, I could discover nothing of import.
I believe that though these stone tablets are held by the dungeons' fiercest monsters, they hold no special meaning.
What think you? Will you use today to collect the remaining tablets?
So that’s it! You'll go!
I shall return the items I borrowed from you.



I will use this time to confirm the controls once more.
If you press the START button, you will bring up the SUB-SCREEN.
At the SUB-SCREEN, the items you just received will be displayed.
If you press the L button at the SUB-SCREEN, you will see today's objectives.
If you press the R button, you will be able to see an explanation of each item.
You can return to the game screen by pressing the START button again.
Hold the B button to charge your sword's power.
Players who don't yet have a sword will need to visit the eastern temple.
Playing the ocarina will allow one to warp instantly.



Today I ask your aid once more, young one.



Now I'll give a simple explanation of how to use items.
With a torch, you can light the lanterns found in dungeons.
There are some dungeon doors that can't be opened without lighting lanterns.
The boomerang immobilizes enemies and can also fetch far-away items.
Bombs damage enemies and are capable of creating openings in walls.
But watch out! Should you be caught in the blast, you will also be injured.
You can use bottles after filling them with things you find on your adventure.
If you have a bow, you will be able to shoot arrows.
Should you come across other items you don't know how to use, press the R button at the SUBSCREEN to see an explanation.



Is today going to be another day of bad weather as well?
It has begun to fog over...
Oh! I'll summon the fortune teller to see if he won't tell your fortune.



Ah, it's begun to rain.
Cursed rain... you will no longer be able to use bombs, isn't that right?
The fortune teller has heard the call. Will you not share your prophecy?

Fortune Teller:
Very well...
Hocus pocus...
I see a mushroom...

Where did you see it?

Fortune Teller:
Deep in the forest...

Is that so, the forest?
Young one! To the north of here lies a terrible forest.
Those who lose their way are never seen again.
My brother once said that mushrooms should be brought to the magic shop.
Young one! If you enter the Lost Woods, you must be cautious.



Fortune Teller:
Master Agihna...

Have you seen something?

Fortune Teller:
I see the shadow of a faerie.

A faerie, hrm?
Young one! If you find a faerie you can touch it or catch it in a bug net.



Many items are hidden within dungeons.
You must search every corner.
If you do not obtain enough items, you will be unable to continue deeper into the labyrinth.

I will now explain the items you have received today.
You will be unable to continue the adventure without obtaining a sword.
A shield will protect you from monsters' attacks.
A bow is necessary to fire arrows.
Getting the Pegasus Boots will allow you to dash using the A button.
There are some rocks that cannot be broken without using a dash attack.



Hm, the rain has stopped!
The fog remains, but you should be able to use bombs.
Young one, if you are above ground, try using a bomb.



Are you unable to progress in a dungeon?
There are many devices within dungeons.
Be sure not to overlook keys and switches hidden under pots.
Leave no stone unturned.
There are doors which cannot be opened by stepping on switches.
There are also switches that must be held down.
You haven't missed any breakable walls, have you?
Far-off items can be gathered using the boomerang.



Master Aginha! Master Agihna!

What is it?
Quit your hollering, I'm busy!
What's the matter?

A golden potion is now being sold at the magic shop!

The magic shop north of the eastern temple?
Drinking a gold potion will recover all your strength and magic.
Not only that, the time it takes to charge your power will be temporarily shortened!

It seems like the magic shop can make only one a day.

Not a problem.
Young one! You ought to be able to travel quickly to the magic shop using your ocarina.
Do you understand?



Press B to charge power.
When your power is completely charged, let go of the button to perform a spin attack and damage surrounding enemies.
If you hit an enemy, you will deal it twice as much damage.


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