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CT Prerelease Unused & Debug Text - デバグ テキスト


Translation: GlitterBerri & KWhazit
Article: ZeaLitY
Publish Date: Saturday, January 1st, 2009

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Chrono Trigger Prerelease ROM Unused & Debug Text

Script obtained by RyogaMasaki & Vehek
Translation by GlitterBerri & KWhazit
Editing by ZeaLitY

You can download the full script here:

Text Block 01 3B0242-3B1F3F

These are mostly likely debug messages, parts of functions that are either removed from the game, or not normally accessible. The first reads as 'Info:' with a 16-bit number after it. X and Y both have two values; they're probably used to display character X and Y map location values. This message occurs in several text offsets.

11/17バージョン11/17 Version
This establishes November 17, 1994 as the build date for the Prelease version of Chrono Trigger.

Dead End
この先はどうやら行き止まりらしいThis path seems to have reached a dead end.
This appears in the Magic Cave if you try to exit to Zenan.

Time Machine GET
タイムマシンゲットTime Machine GET
This appears if you activate a special object in the upper left of Leene Square that makes the Epoch appear on the overworld; it was used for debugging.

Good Kid
ララ「ルッカもタバンも発明でいそがしくて……でもルッカはいい子だよ。Lara: Lucca and Taban are both busy with inventions. But Lucca's a good kid.
Lara's note about being busy with inventions had an extra line in the Prerelease.

Taban and Lara
タバン「……[END]Taban: ......
This pensive line appears after Taban gives Lara the apples he earned, and Lara says thanks. Perhaps it was meant to forecast Taban's guilt for the accident that claimed her legs.

Lara's Legs
ルッカ「こ…これは10年前……まだ 私がメカの事など何もわからなかったころ……?Lucca: Th, this is… 10 years ago…… back when I didn't know anything about mechanics……
タバン「ルッカ!Taban: Lucca!!
Put in the passcode 366 and pull the lever!!

It seems that it was impossible to save Lara's legs, and this was used to teach a lesson to Lucca (more is described later in this article). The text of the incident is accordingly different; Taban is present, and the passcode is certainly one that can't be entered with buttons.

Text Block 02 3B1F40-3B23D9

Longer Bekkler Introduction
これから世にも恐ろしいキャラクター達によってショウがくりひろげられる。>チビらんようにしっかりパンツおさえていな!And now, a show boasting the world's most terrible characters is about to unfold. Hold on to your pants!
Norstein Bekkler says this before the show. It's not in the final version.

Dopple-doll Destination
あなたのドッペル人形お部屋にかざってね。Your dopple-doll has been sent to your room.
This differs from the final lines, which include a line for Crono by name and a line for whoever is leading the party.

Longer Tyrano Jailer Taunting
おれたち、おまえら くって、飮んで うかれて、大さわぎ。ウギャギャ。[END]We'll eat you, drink, make merry, and be rowdy. Heh heh heh.
The Tyrano Lair Reptite jailers taunt the Iokans and Larubans a bit more in the Prerelease.

Tyrano Lair NPC Dialogue

In the final version of Chrono Trigger, you see "Kino: Got it, Ayla. Kino teach good thing!" before Kino shows you how to open the Dinosaur mouth doors. He then says he's jealous of your strength before escaping the lair. In the Prerelease, three lines come before that line about jealousy:
た 助け 来てくれたか!?[END]H-has help come!?
こうなったの もともと オマエ達のせい![END]This entirely your fault!
オレ オマエ達 正しい思う……。 かくれる 逃げる もうイヤ![END]I think you all have right idea……No more running and hiding!
These are definitely lines for NPCs. Perhaps the prisoners were planned to speak as they escaped. Kino's line about being jealous may not have been intended for him, but kept for him anyway when they removed the NPCs.

Text Block 03 3B5294-3B6C92

Yakra's Plan
「お前は最高の人質だ。切りふだとして、生かしておこうと思ったが……You're wonderful hostages. I thought I'd use you as my trump card......
みょうな連中が現われて、雲行きがおかしくなって来た。残ねんだが、ここで死んでもらおう。[END]But since you weirdos appeared, the situation has changed. It's unfortunate, but I'll have to kill you here.
Though it doesn't change much, these lines aren't in the final version.

Mirror Mail
村長「ミラーメイルさえあれば、魔物どもの殺人熱線をふせいで、この村を守れるやもしれぬ……。Chief: If only we had the Mirror Mail, we could prevent the murderous heatwave of the demons and protect this village.
The Rainbow Shell was originally planned to be Mirror Mail in the Prerelease. There are lines referring to it as the Rainbow Shell, suggesting that the Mirror Mail lines were leftovers from an earlier stage of development. Later on, we find out that the Mirror Mail was stolen by Magus's henchmen after the fall of the lair:
トマ「サンドリノの村長のほしがってるミラーメイルだが、魔王の部下にもってかれちまったらしいや。Toma: Looks like the Mirror Mail that the mayor of Sandorino is after was taken by the subordinates of the demon king.
Doppel Change
ドッペルチェーンジッ!![END]Doppel chaaange!!
This line appears in the final version of Chrono Trigger's data; it's the Pre's version of "Received the Crono Clone (or Dopple-doll)!" It also pops up two extra times in the Lab 32 and Cursed Woods lines in the Prerelease. It's possible that this line would display when the player pressed A on any of the character dolls won at the fair, which explains why this line is in so many locations.

サイラス・パーンチッ!!Cyrus Puuunch!!
When Cyrus makes his final attack on Magus, he utters a cry not present in the final version. If that sounds familiar, it's because サイラスパンチ is the exact name of Pierre's SlapofCyrus technique in Chrono Cross. It's too bad this reference was lost.

Marle and Lucca Encouragement
マール「気をつけてね、クロノ![END]Marle: Take care, Crono!
ルッカ「魔王がラヴォスを生み出すのだけは、くいとめなきゃ。[END]Lucca: We have to keep the demon king from summoning Lavos.
These unique lines appear with the party's general encouragement when Frog decides to accompany them to Magus's Lair.

All Men Aim to Be Heroes
[Man]うわさで聞いた伝説の勇者ってな、なんと、タータだったんだってな。[Man] The legendary hero I heard about in the rumor was just Tarta.
ま、男ってな、ヒーローをめざすもんよ、年なんかカンケーねーやな。[END]Well, all men aim to be heroes, whatever their age.
This nice little line was left out of the final version.

Text Block 04 3B6C93-3B7294

Ending Text

In certain areas, the player is barred from going further by NPCs who deliver this ending dialogue, which varies by area. If you choose New Game, the farthest the demo lets you run is up to the Cathedral after Frog joins your party and you discover the hidden door. For the Magus's Lair save, you can go as far as the final Magus battle. For the 1000 AD save, you play up to the Dragon Tank sequence. With Robo's save, you can go as far as getting the door open in Proto Dome (after your trip to the Factory Ruins). An NPC also says this in Kajar.

3/11 土曜日 発売

Thank you for playing Chrono Trigger. We regret to inform you that this is as far as we can let you can go in this version. Crono and company are safe, but can everyone get back to their own time periods? This time-travelling epic adventure RPG is presented by our ultimate staff using a 32 meg scale, the highest capacity ever!

Chrono Trigger
On sale Saturday 3/11

Please look forward to it!!
あらわれたなぞのカエル剣士!はたしてクロノとルッカは、マールを無事救いだす事ができるのか?The appearance of the enigmatic Frog the swordsman! Can Crono and Lucca rescue Marle?
ドラゴンせんしゃを倒し刑務所から脱出したクロノとルッカの行く手には何が待つのか……!?Crono and Lucca have defeated the Dragon Tank and escaped the dungeon. Now what awaits them on their path ahead?
この先、魔王城に一体何が待ち受けるのか?はたしてクロノ逹は魔王をうち倒す事が出来るのか……!?At this point, what in the world can you expect from Magus's castle? Can Crono and company really take down Magus in his own domain?

Text Block 05 3B7295-3B7D82

Dalton Gets Schala
ダルトン「女王がお呼びです。しきゅう、海底神殿の方におりていただきたいと……。[END]The Queen calls. She would like to have you descend to the Ocean Floor Temple immediately……
Dalton is meant to retrieve Schala for the Ocean Palace from her bedroom in the Prerelease. This was probably changed since Dalton would have recognized the party.

Pendant Reactions

Originally, the party members were going to react to seeing the pendant's use. In the final version, they only react to the events after trying to open the sealed door and failing (those lines come after these in the Prerelease).
マール「あ、あのペンダント!私のとそっくり![END]Marle: Th, that pendant! It looks just like mine!
ルッカ「あ、あのペンダント!マールのとソックリじゃない?[END]Lucca: Th, that pendant! Doesn't it look just like Marle's?
ロボ「あのペンダントは……?マールさんのと同じに見えマシタ。[END]Robo: That pendant……? Marle has one that looks just like it.
カエル「あれ、どっかで見たな……[END]Frog: Hm, I've seen that somewhere before…
エイラ「アレ、マールのと同じ?ならエイラ達も、入れるか?[END]Ayla: That thing's the same as Marle's? If so, can Ayla and friends get inside?
As we move on, there are really simple lines for the trying to open and opening reactions.
マール「開かないよ![END]Marle: It won't open!
ルッカ「開かないじゃない?[END]Lucca: It won't open, right?
ロボ「開きマセンネ……。[END]Robo: It's not opening……
カエル「ダメじゃないかよ?[END]Frog: I wonder if it's hopeless.
エイラ「ふしぎ。なんでだ?[END]Ayla: Mysterious. Why?
マール「あ、開いた、開いた![END]Marle: Ah, it opened, it opened!
ルッカ「やった、やっぱり、ね![END]Lucca: Yay, I knew it!
ロボ「成功デス。開きマシタ。[END]Robo: Perfect. It opened.
カエル「お、開いたな![END]Frog: Oh, it opened!
エイラ「開いた!エイラ、入る![END]Ayla: It opens! Ayla enter!
Zeal's Taunt


May you thoroughly regret opposing my plans.
All I ask is that you cry out when I kill you

This extra taunt about crying out doesn't appear in the final. She's also known as ZEAL after she reveals her name, instead of QUEEN.

Throneroom Showdown


Zeal: I'll leave the rest to you, Dalton.
I'm going to the palace. Throw that bunch in
the research room.


Zeal: Let's go, Prophet!


Dalton: Q, queen!


Dalton: Meh, whatever!
These good for nothings…

It seems that Dalton fought the party himself in the throneroom, with no Golem summon. Zeal leaves the situation to him before going to the Ocean Palace with the Prophet following. These lines are totally unique to the Prerelease.

Text Block 07 3BB400-3BD43B

Zenan Bridge

[Young Man]橋は今、修理中でわたれないぜ。先日の地震のせいだよ。そーいや、最近地震多いよな。[END]

[Young Man]
The bridge is currently under repair, so you can't go
across. It's because of the earthquake a few days ago.
Speaking of which, there have been a lot recently.


I'm giving this repair work my all.
Just wait a little longer.

[Young Man]いつになったら、橋がなおるのかのー。[END]

[Young Man]
Just when is the bridge going to be fixed?

[Old Man]チョラスの大工、バンドーを呼べば橋の修理なんて、すぐにおわるのにな。[END]

[Old Man]
If we're able to call Bandeau, the carpenter from
Choras, these repairs will be finished in no time.

These infamous lines describe the broken Zenan Bridge. Bandeau gets some facetime here as well. The topmost person was left in the final version as the guy who complains about earthquakes.

Suspicious Much?


That frog bastard swam his way across.
That guy is part of the demon king's army
for sure.

As you can probably tell, the "That guy" part is unique to the Prerelease.

Giant Bone Demon


A, a giant bone demon appeared!
We're finished!

In the Prerelease, a knight blew the entire Zombor surprise before the party even begins fighting. It makes sense this was removed since Zombor is assembled as a last minute effort by Ozzie from the Decedents.

Zombor Reaction Lines


Marle: W, what?


Lucca: What are you planning to do!?


Robo: J, just what do you intend to do
this time!

These reaction lines to Zombor were cut.

Melchior's Proud of Himself


Bosch: Weapons, you see......
They aren't for taking life.
They ought to be for bringing life.


It's almost too wonderful!

Melchior has an extra little statement in the Prerelease that sort of underscores just how awesome his little philosophy is there. This line is from an earlier version of development, as a line closer to the final without the extra comment exists separately in the Prerelease.
Bronze Statue

[Green Imp]

[Green Imp]
The thing in the middle of this square is
a bronze statue of the demon king.

Magus's statue is made from bronze in the Prerelease.

Ozzie VIII

[Vinnegar the 13th]
ああ、魔王様…… なぜ400年前に

[Vinnegar the 13th]
I am chief of this Medina Village,
Vinnegar the 13th!
My ancestor fought humans as right-hand man
to THE Great Magus-sama.

In the Prerelease, Ozzie (Vinnegar in Japanese) was XIII instead of VIII.

Slash and Flea, Weiner and Ketchappa


I am Weiner.
To prepare for the day when the demons regain power,
I'm working hard on my swordsmanship.


I am Ketchappa. Night and day the demons worship the
demon king, continuing to pray for the day when the
our kind will gain control of the world.

That's right. Slash was first known as Weiner, and Flea as Ketchappa. They were changed to different condiments for the Japanese version (Soysaw and Mayonnay respectively). It seems weiners and ketchup weren't wacky enough for the Toriyama food-name thing.

Lost Residence I - A Divided Medina

Remember the Medina Residence (CTP)? We've got dialogue!

[Blue Imp in Lost House]

[Blue Imp in Lost House]
In this village there are also those who hate humans.
Imprisoned by the past, they have become unable to see
the present.


They gather in the mayor's house or on the green,
offering prayers to the demon king of 400 years past.

The presence of friendly Imps here, the Medina Inn, and the Portal House, coupled with this Imp's words, suggest that Medina was very divided over whether to continue hating humans or reconcile.

Lost Residence II - A Heckran Guard

Remember the Medina Residence (CTP)? We've got dialogue!

[Blue Imp in Lost House]

[Blue Imp in Lost House]
400 years ago, the monster Heckran of the western
mountain caves received its orders from the demon king.
It continues to protect the earth where Lavos sleeps.

Yes! Magus ordered Heckran to protect that point.

Medina and Lavos


Marle: Hey, Crono!
The Lavos that guy was talking about,
I wonder if it's the same Lavos we saw
at the dome in the future?


Lucca: This is unforgiveable.
There's a high probability that the Lavos he
talked about is the same Lavos that we saw at the dome
in the future.


Robo: "Lavos"……
I wonder if it was the same Lavos that destroyed the
world in the royal calendar year of 1999?

マール「えーっ!? あのラヴォス?[END]

Marle: Whaat!? That Lavos?


Lucca: Listening to the citizens of this village,
I can't help but think that.


Robo: Lavos……


Marle: If that's the case,
to change the future, it might be easiest
to defeat the demon king before he can summon


Lucca: If that's the case, defeating that demon king before
he summons Lavos seems to be the most reasonable
way to save the future.


Robo:If the demon king summons
Lavos, then……
If we defeat the demon king, we'll be able to save the
future, right?


Marle: The demon king lived 400 years ago,
By going to the Middle Ages, we'll be able to meet him.


Lucca: The fight between the demon king and the humans
was 400 years ago……
So that means we should go to the Middle Ages.


Robo: The demon king was alive 400 years ago. If we
go to the Middle Ages, we should be able to meet him.


Marle: If we use the gate by the teleporter at Leene
Fairground, we can get to the Middle Ages!


Lucca: If we use the gate that opened up at the teleporter
in Leene Fairground, we ought to be able to get to the
Middle Ages.


Robo: The gate you first used is connected to the
Middle Ages. That gate is located at Leene


Marle: Let's go! To the Middle Ages!


Lucca: Here we go to the Middle Ages!


Robo: Let us go! To the Middle Ages!

This illustrates that the party learned about Lavos from a Green Imp at the Square, rather than Heckran.

Enter the Octorider

人間どもめ! キサマ達にラヴォス神の
ねむる地を けがさせはせんぞ![END]

Human filth! Lavos's sleeping ground will not
be hurt by scum like you!

The Octorider enemy greets you harshly in Heckran Cave with these lines. The Octorider was removed from this area in the final version of the game, but still existed as a functional enemy.

Fiona's Forest Cleared for Weapons


Fiona: The battle with Magus's army created a need for
many weapons, so most of the trees in these woods
were destroyed.


I'm planting trees to protect the green of the forest,
but they soon wither...…

Fiona explains in the Prerelease that her forest was cleared to help build weapons.

Fiona PC Lines

Several unique lines illustrating the party's thought appear after Fiona wishes that someone could help her repair the forest by working for decades.


Marle: Poor Fiona……


Lucca: Hmm… even with my brains, this
is just……


Robo: I want to do something to help out


Frog: Hmm.

なんとか ならないか?[END]

Ayla: Cro!
Can do something?


Magus: ……

Text Block 10 3C1CEA-3C28E0

Blue Comet Johnny

アオキスイセイ ジョニー。

Boss: My Name IS...…
The blue comet, JOHNNY.
I'M THE BOSS OF THESE guys......

Johnny calls himself "The Blue Comet" in the Prerelease; this doesn't appear in the final.

Short Return Intro

オマエラ マタキタノカ。[END]

Robots: HM?
YOU'VE all returned, HUH.

サァ 勝負ダ ギンギンダゼ!

Johnny: I WAS waitin'!
SPARKLIN', baby!

This short intro appears if you enter Lab 32 from the south, and was probably shown as a mini-intro each time you came back to Lab 32. It probably became tiresome to see all the time, and was removed from the final version of the game.

Text Block 11 3C28E1-3C4325

Me Pee a Little

俺 見た 赤い星
大きな火 ラヴォス 落ちるとこ。
ちょっと おしっこ ちびった。[END]

Me saw red star!
When big fire Lavos fall.
Was awesome.
Me pee a little.

Perhaps this was too much for even Japanese censors. It's "Me a bit scared" in the final version.

New Laruba Village & Worship of Strange Stone

ラルバの民 しばらく
また あたらしい村つくる
言って でていった。[END]

We together with Laruba people
for awhile, but they went
away saying make new
village again.

ラルバの民 へんな石
神だといって あがめてた。[END]

Laruba people were worshiping
strange stone, calling god.

The fact that Laruba made a separate village from the Iokans lends shaky credibility to the fan theory that Laruba people were the ancestors of the Enlightened Ones, given the purplish hair color. Regarding the second line, the term for "strange stone" is the same as "weird rock" that the Ioka man talks about (even in the final version). We've got some possibilities with this one:
  • The woman's speaking about the Laruba in present tense, but referring to them as a third party because they've gone off to a new village. In this case, the weird rock can simply be snow or ice, and only the new village part is inconsistent with the final version of Chrono Trigger.
  • The woman's speaking about the Laruba in past tense, and she and the Ioka man are talking about the SilverRock at the Laruba Ruins. In this case, why would it feel "icky" when touched by the Ioka Man?
  • The woman's speaking about the Laruba in the recent past tense, and she and the Ioka man are talking about the Frozen Flame. As attractive as this is given the theory that Laruba were the ancestors of the Enlightened Ones (who also were reverential towards that sacred shard of red rock mentioned in their books), it's inconsistent with Chrono Cross, which states that humanity contacted the Frozen Flame in 3,000,000 B.C. It's possible that this line was removed for that reason, but the "icky" Ioka man line was left in and made it to the final game, where it can be interpreted as snow or ice to preserve consistency.
  • The woman and man are talking about the Sun Stone, which was used to power Zeal until Lavos was discovered and the Mammon Machine created. This plays into the idea that Larubans were ancestors of the Enlightened Ones.
GlitterBerri regarding the Sun Stone:
  • 石 is a Japanese word meaning stone, or gem.
  • It can be pronounced いし (ishi) or せき (seki).
  • It is pronounced いし (ishi) in the context of the stone mentioned by the people of 65,000,000 BC, the へんな石 (hen na ishi) or "strange stone".
  • Two other stones are also present in the game, the たいようせき (taiyou seki) or Stone of Sun, and the あんこくせき (ankoku seki) or Stone of Darkness.
  • Though the pronunciation of "stone" is different because of the context and "stone" in this case is written in hiragana, these mentions of "stone" would all use the same kanji.
  • I am unsure if this is meant to differentiate the stones mentioned or if it is simply because saying せき (seki) in the context of へんな石 would not be natural.

Text Block 12 3C4326-3C4535

Debug Message



今日もここまでだ ひきつづき
他の場所を デバックしてくれクロ。[END]

Today ends here. You've been going for a long time.
Please debug other places, Cro.



This debug message appears beneath lines about the Dactyl Nest, but isn't in the game's events there. The meaning of Mesu4 isn't known.

GlitterBerri regarding Mesu4:
  • I was hoping that the romaji would call up something from the minds of the more technically oriented. I haven't seen it as part of debug text before.
  • The definition of めす according to WWWJDIC is "to call/send for/wear/put on/take/ride in/buy/eat/drink/catch"

Text Block 13 3C56D6-3C7402

Time Warp Button


Old Man: ……well, I think that's everything.


If you call me with the time warp button, you can
change members at any time with those who
remain here.
Be sure not to forget.

In the final, the "time warp" button is the Y button. Too bad this ceremonial name was removed!

End of Time Party Lines

It seems several unique "take me along?" lines existed for the parts of the game where Crono was required to be in the party:


Marle: Let's go, Crono!

ルッカ「あんたも行く? クロノ。

Lucca: Are you coming too, Crono?


Robo: Let's go together, Crono.


Frog: Come on, Crono!


Ayla: Crono with Ayla!


Magus: Hmph, you're coming too?

Gate to 12000 B.G.


The 12000 B.C. gate says "BG", which is probably just a typo error. It is tantalizing to think that BG stands for "Before Guardia" and that this system was planned before the BC and AD system, but that's probably not the case.

Crono Remember and Discussion


Old Man: Go ahead……
We want to return Crono to life.
What about the Philosopher of Time?
Something to drink.


Old Man: All right, if you drink this special cocktail
you will regain your energy.
The name is Chrono Remember……

In the Prerelease, the party can ask about returning Crono to life, the Guru of Time, and something to drink when they speak with Gaspar about Crono's death. After one option is chosen, Gaspar explains that topic and then returns with the remaining options until finally, all are exhausted. If the party asks for something to drink when discussing Crono's death, Gaspar gives them a special cocktail named "Crono Remember" that recovers their energy. This became a song in the final version.

Egg + Pendant = Hatch

時の卵だよ。 そのペンダントで

Old Man: That is the Chrono Trigger.
The egg of time. It can be hatched with
that pendant.

Gaspar outright states in the Prerelease that the Pendant will hatch the Time Egg. He doesn't state this in the final version; the party only find out when the pendant reacts to their attempt to hatch the egg on Death Peak.

Space-time Distortion

This line isn't present in the final; it's Gaspar talking about using the Time Egg:


Old Man: There is only one chance.
The strongest point of the space-time distortion
generated by Lavos……
You must try using it on the peak of Death Mountain.


But will it work...…?
That will depend on your thoughts
towards Crono!

This fascinatingly explains why the Chrono Trigger must be used on Death Peak. It's possible that the distortion of Lavos is what allowed the Time Egg to find the moment of the Ocean Palace Incident, at which Lavos was present.

Egg Joke Continuation

If you recall, in the final version, Ayla asks if the Time Egg is okay to eat when Gaspar gives it to the party. In the Prerelease, the party thanks Gaspar for the egg, and Ayla declares that she won't eat it.

エイラ「わかった エイラ
この卵 食わない![END]

Ayla: Ayla understand,
Ayla not eat this egg!

Lucca's Mom


Old Man: That gate over there shouldn't be
Especially by kids like you……


Lucca: Where in the world does this gate go?


Old Man: I told you.
You shouldn't enter……


The best option isn't always limited to
changing the past.
Rather than regretting the past, you should
hold your current self dear.

These lines come at the end of the text block, and in conjunction with certain scripted events prove that Lucca was to reach 990 A.D. to save her mother's legs through a special pillar of light at the End of Time. The last line is said when bit 02 of 7F005A (Lucca flags) is set. When bit 01 or 02 of 7F00AB is set, you get the picture below, illustrating the special pillar. The object there sets bit 02 of 7F005A and sends you to Lucca's room. In the text block for Lucca's house, there's no text for saving Lara, so judging from Gaspar's fatalistic quote that comes with bit 02 of 7F005A, it's very possible that during the time of the Prerelease, it was planned that Lucca could not change the past.


A Total Mystery

お前さん達も見たかい? あれを。

Old Man: Oi, you there.
Did you see it too?
Just now, a dark silhouette, aimlessly
drifting by……


I wonder what it could be?
I feel as though I've seen it before…...
Zeal's Ocean Floor Palace……?
No, something different……

The meaning of this line is a total mystery, as it does not appear in the End of Time's events. It sounds like it could be referring to the appearance of the Gate leading to 990 A.D. for the Lucca sidequest, but then again, how is that related to Zeal's Ocean Palace except for temporal distortions?

Debug Message


It's unfortunate, but we can't let you play here
in this version.


To play with the items you had before,
take a look at the other world beyond
the left gate.

The location and purpose of this line is a mystery; it's not found at the End of Time or Arris Dome.

GlitterBerri regarding the debug message:
  • This message looks like it was written by someone other than the person who wrote the Prerelease's other ending/advertisement messages; they spelled "version" differently.
It seems suited for the End of Time, as it mentions a Gate.

Text Block 14 3C7403-3C7E9E

Debug Message


Magus: Unfortunately, today's version
ends here……


Thanks to you, ladies and gentlemen, the development
is proceeding steadily.
If you're going to be prowling around areas other than
here, please try some debugging for us……


This we ask of you...

This line appears after all the others regarding the battle with Magus. Since Magus's Inner Sanctum isn't implemented in the Prerelease, it's possible it dates from an earlier version as a message to the development team who might have been working on that area separately.

Text Block 15 3C7E9F-3C9044

Ending Text



This appears after defeating Lavos.

Magus is a Badass, Vol. MCMXIII


Magus: I've come, Lavos.
To rip from you your final breath……

This is "It will be your last, Lavos......!" in the final version, which is a much more ambiguous and less impacting threat.

Blackbird Notes

The Blackbird isn't functional in the Prerelease, but the dialogue reveals notes about how the player would have gotten through it. Recall that in the final game, you can choose to feign illness or think of something else. If you choose something else, you can walk around and find the ventilation shaft or the hatch to the sky. Now check the Prerelease:


Marle: What should we do, [pc1]?
Force a way through
Feign illness
Search for a room

Judging from the extra option, it's possible that the ability to explore was disabled, and the player had to choose one of these consistently to get out of the first room. The option that doesn't appear in the final ("Force a way through") results in this text if chosen:


Marle: Okay, let's go from the front!


Lucca: I, I wonder if it's safe……


Robo: It's dangerous, but……
Let's give it a try!


Frog: It's sink or swim, let's give it a shot!

エイラ「さすが [pc1]!
エイラも そう思う![END]

Ayla: Even so, [pc1]!
Ayla think so too!


Magus: It's idiocy, but…… whatever.
We shall go.

Magus on the Blackbird

Magus has a few lines for the Blackbird; he's obviously not present in the final version.

Noticing the lost equipment:


Magus: You took our equipment,

Realizing he's on the Blackbird:


Magus: !


Magus: I see, this place…


Magus: The Blackbird……?

Abusively asking the player what to do:


Magus: What would you do, little wretch……?
Force a way through
Feign illness
Search for a room

Reacting to a choice to storm the front:


Magus: It's idiocy, but…… whatever.
We shall go.

Commenting on the stomach illness ploy:


Magus: ......A simple trick.

Feigning stomach illness:


Magus: ……

Detecting the Epoch:


Magus: ……Here it comes.

Reacting to Dalton's Epoch attack:


Magus: Where are you aiming!

Preparing to attack:


Magus: Why, you……!

Commenting on victory:


Magus: ……how quaint.

Acknowledging Dalton's role in enabling flight:


Magus: You've almost grown to be
useful, Dalton……

Text Block 16 3C9045-3CA535

Cathedral Corruption


Since the abbey was built, the number of monsters
around has grown remarkably small.

This line was changed to a note about the Queen in the final version, and suggests that not only is the abbey possibly a recent construction, but that Yakra and his monsters infiltrated it from the start.

Hero's Medal Legend


The Hero's Badge is the only one in the world.
It is a badge entrusted only to those who defeat the
hero or to those that he approves of.

This line gives some interesting background information about the medal; it was changed to information about Tata's visit in the final.

Text Block 18 3CB0BC-3CBB6C

Short Ending Text


This version ends here.
We will eventually notify you of the next version.

1995年 3/11発売

Chrono Trigger
On sale 3/11 1995


Please look forward to it.

This is possibly from an older version of the game.

Imps Blocking the Way


Jari: In this version you can't go beyond this point,

A "Jari" is an Imp. These Imps block your way to Guardia Castle from the forest in 1000 A.D.

Text Block 19 3CE0AC-3CEE9F

Sewer Entrance Lines

ロボ「ロボットニシカ ワカラナイ
コトカモシレマセンガ トテモキケン
ナ シュウハスウガ ナガレテイマス[END]

Robo: Perhaps it's something that can only be felt
by robots, but a very dangerous frequency
is eminating from here.


Frog: I don’t think this place
is much to my liking…

Frog and Robo get these sewer lines that don't appear in the final.

Dividing the Take

These lost lines depict the familiar Bullfrogs dividing their stipends. The Lackey complains that the Boss isn't giving enough to Part, who works in the basement with the fire puzzle that didn't make it into the final version of the game. This scene appears if you walk around the first area; the frogs appear above the ladder leading to the second basement. The scene can be triggered with the frogs off-screen, and was probably used as a way to remind the player to go down that ladder.


Lackey: Uwaa..
Is it really okay to take
this much, ribbit?

おやぶん「バイトのやつのぶんも いれと
いたゲロ なあに きにするなゲロ
あいつはいまごろ ほのおのえじきに

Boss: I put in Part's share too, gribbit.
What, quit your worrying, gribbit.
That guy is probably already a piece of
firewood, gribbit.

こぶん「もう! おやぶんたら

Lackey: Gah! You're bad,
boss, ribbit!

Krawlie and the Lookout

クロウリー様「おろか者めが! ヒクッ

Sir Crawlie: You careless fool! Hic..


I'll turn you into mincemeat!!

みはり「キー! それじゃあ おいらは
これにて失礼! キー![END]

Lookout: Kii! In that case, excuse
me, gotta go! Kii!

クロウリー様「知らんぷり 知らんぷり

Sir Crawlie: Pretending not to notice…
If this happens again, you'll be chopped liver!

みはり「気付かないふり 気付かないふり[END]

Lookout: I'll pretend to pay attention, I will!

This dialogue follows the laughing scene that also plays in the final version of the game when the party stumbles upon Sir Krawlie.

Part-Timer's Puzzle

In the Sewer Access (CTP), you talk to a bullfrog character named Part and then must race to the end of the pathway as 4 flames chase you. If the flames catch you, you are sent to a new B3 level; there, three Egger enemies surround you. An egger named Timer apologizes to Part for being late, and then the four battle the party. You can then talk to Part to return to the second basement level. The puzzle only happens once.

GlitterBerri regarding Part and Timer:
  • Part's name is バイト (baito), previously translated in the enemy list as Byte.
  • However, Baito is actually a joke on アルバイト (arubaito), an adopted German word which means "part-time job".
  • Timer's name is actually パート (paato), an abbreviated adoption of the English word "part-timer" or "part-time job".
  • I couldn't figure out how to make the joke work without changing both of their names, so I turned Baito into "Part" and Paato into "Timer".

Part: You scared me, ribbit!

「ええと わたくし ただの アルバ
イトでありまして 誰かが来たらかけ
声をとのことです ケロケロ

Um, this is just my part-time job.
If someone comes along, I call out
to them, ribbit ribbit.

「するとですねえ ほのおがあなた方
を追いかけるっていう すん法でして

When I do, the fire will
pursue them for a bit,
ribbit ribbit.

「なるべく いそいで逃げたほうがい
いと思うしだいです ケロケロ

It depends on if you think it would be best
to escape as fast as possible, ribbit ribbit.

「たのまれただけですので やらない
とバイト代もらえないんで ケロケロ

I was asked to do this, you see. If I don't,
I won't get my earnings, ribbit ribbit.


You really scared me.
Well then, please excuse me.

バイト「ケロ ケロ ケロ ケロ

Part: Ribbit ribbit ribbit ribbit.
I wonder how much I'll get today…...


Couldn't escape!

パート「おくれて すいませーん[END]

Timer: Sorry I'm late!

バイト「それでは パートのみなさん

Part: There you go,

バイト「はい おつかれさま

Part: You did good work.


I'll jump with you!


Anonymous February 1, 2009 at 2:29 PM  

Nice job GlitterBerri!
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On the "A Total Mystery" part, I think the Old Man was somehow talking about the Black Omen.

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