Sunday, January 11, 2009

BS Zelda - BS ゼルダの伝説


What's that, you say? A Zelda sequel you've never heard of?!

In 1996, Nintendo decided to release a Japan-only system called the BS-X Satellaview, an add-on for the Super Famicom that used a satellite link to connect users to downloadable content.

Spearheaded by the BS Zelda Homepage which has already converted the in-game text to English, a translation of BS Zelda - Ancient Stone Tablets is underway. This spinoff of A Link to the Past featured high-quality voice acting with narration, music, and sound effects similar to ALttP's official prologue on the Japanese-only Sound & Drama CD. It was only available for download and play once a week in installments for an hour at a time. The game's focus was to collect as many points as possible by completing various tasks with players sending in their scores to win prizes from Nintendo.

BS Zelda - AST: Week 1 Part 1
BS Zelda - AST: Week 1 Part 2
BS Zelda - AST: Week 1 Part 3
BS Zelda - AST: Week 2 Part 1
BS Zelda - AST: Week 2 Part 2


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